Stacy Kennedy

After graduating from Columbia University, Stacy spent a decade working for an investment bank designing and implementing cutting edge software for the bank's trading desks as well as the supporting departments. In the last decade, she has mostly been involved with start-up companies and their computing needs. Her areas of expertise changed with the needs of the companies and some of those skills include website maintenance and support, customer support, search engine optimization, analyzing sales data, running paid search and email campaigns and designing live chat software. Stacy's clients have been located all over the world.

Stacy will join Barcode Publicity as a Lead Web Developer. She will take over our VZort project and help develop it into an accomodating solution for the resort industry. She will also be assisting the Barcode Realty team with updates and customer support. Stacy's skills in programming and customer support make her an excellent addition to the Barcode team, and we hope you get the chance to work with her soon!