Warren Dow

Warren Dow is the Vice President and Director of Sales and Strategic Development at Barcode Publicity. Originally focused on Neuroscience and lab-based technology, with a degree in Neuroscience from Brown University, Warren branched into the world of high security communications for Charles River Consultants. Acting as the Director of Client Relations and Customer Support, Warren was exposed to many enterprise technologies. With travel as a major component of his responsibilities, Warren saw the need for high-quality mobile technology. Working in various industries, including real estate, government, military, automotive, shipping, manufacturing, and finance, Warren interacted with many technology platforms focused around a stationary user. This experience motivated Warren to focus on developing mobile systems and mobile access to traditionally immobile technologies, and he hasn't looked back since becoming a part of the Barcode Team. Warren is currently leading the growth of Barcode Publicity's mobile systems in real estate, hotels and resorts, charities and events, and cross industry mobile marketing strategies.