Our solution's features can attract prospective buyers and sellers. With over eight unique search types and an abudance of local information, your web visitors are sure to find what they're looking for!

A Mobile Website

The Barcode Realty Web App makes looking for a home easy and contacting you even easier, with MLS searching, featured listings, property images, detailed information, GPS, integrated Google Maps, and lead generation tools. Read More

A Tablet Website

At Barcode Realty we work to stay ahead of the curve, so when we noticed that 40% of our client mobile traffic was being derived from tablets we introduced the real estate industry's first tablet specific website. Read More

A Desktop Website

Upon request from our mobile clients, we developed a template solution to complete a full web package. Using the same features and backbone of our mobile solution, our desktop solution gives your web visitors what they want and how they want it. Read More


Your websites come with SSL -- The protocol that secures your sites and protects your visitors information. You've probably seen this on sites like Facebook, where there's a green icon next to the web address. Our partnership with CloudFlare provides you with this.

Cloud Cache

Your webpages will be stored in multiple web serves across North America. This increases the speed that web visitors receive your webpages. It also creates a nice buffer -- should our web server restart real quick, or not to make an update, your web visitors won't notice any outages.

Voice Search

The industry's first Voice Search! Your websites will all allow you and your visitors to search with their own voice. Just click a button and start talking. We'll figure it out and show you results quickly! Read More

Professional Analytics

The Barcode Realty solution integrates Google Analytics to give you important information such as, visitor trending, location based statistics and campaign tracking so you can gauge the success of your mobile marketing initiative. The Barcode Realty team goes "above and beyond" to help our clients understand their statistics and make informed decisions about their mobile marketing campaigns.

Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and always look forward to talking with you. If you need support using our solution, feel free to call us. We don't just send you to a support line -- You can talk with our management and web team to make this work for you. We think your honest opinions and feedback are what help both of us grow.

Mobile Marketing Services

95% of smartphone users have searched for local information. Use print marketing to connect your buyers and sellers with your mobile presence. The Barcode Realty team will work with you to build a comprehensive strategy to market your mobile web app. By using the Barcode Realty admin panel to create and manage a QR barcode marketing campaign you can keep your content fresh and keep people coming back to your mobile presence.

Integrated MLS Data

Barcode Realty provides mobile MLS services with one-of-a-kind delivery and quality. By working directly with your IDX provider, we integrate your MLS data directly into your mobile website and provide you or your brokerage with the best Mobile Real Estate data package. Read More

A Smartphone Redirect

Make sure your smartphone users are being delivered a premium experience. Mobile users that visit your website will be automatically redirected to your mobile website. There is no app download necessary.

Want More?

We have a lot of features, and we cannot display them all here.

View Full List
Full List of Features:
MLS Data Integration

Automatic data import from your MLS Board

* RETS (Imports multiple times per day)

* IDX (Non-RETS, FTP, etc) (1-2 times per day)

Notify your web visitors when new properties come on the market

Notify your web visitors when properties change price, etc.

Your Website, Your Information

Brokerage/Corporate Sites

* Brokerage Contact Information, Featured Listings

* Choose to allow Agents to receive leads directly or not

* Display your Office Locations, and ALL of your Agents

Office/Team Sites

* Your Office Contact Information

* Choose to allow Agents to receive leads directly or not

* Display ALL of your Agents

Agent Sites

* Your Contact Information

* You receive all leads

Site Customization

You control how your site looks, in specific:

* Your logo

* Your colors

* Your "Featured Listings" logic - Tell us what you'd like!

* Order listings by price, recently-updated, yours first, etc.

Personalized Web Experience

* Visitors read "Contact Me", "Call Me", etc.

* Custom 404 Pages for Expired Listings

* Automated Emails send "from you", so all replies lead directly back to you!

MLS/Custom Property Information

Standard information, such as bedrooms, price, etc

Integrated Google Maps, Satellite View, and Street View.

Automatic Mortgage calculation

Neighborhood information

School Information

Nearby Properties

Share to Social Media

Share via Email

Send Property to Cell Phone (Text)

Agent Information

Standard information, such as name, phone, email

Office Information

Social Media Information

Agent Promotional Text

Your Listings, Your Open Houses

Email leads directly to your inbox

Office Information

Standard information, such as city, nickname (township?), phone, email

Social Media Information

Office Listings, Office Open Houses

Email leads go to office manager

Search Features

Featured Properties

* Display your best properties, or whatever criteria you wish, on your homepage and search menu

Exclusive Properties ("Pocket Properties")

* Add listings using our Custom Listings module to put your home online before other sites/MLS Feeds.

Standard Address Search

* Search by address, beds, price range, amenities

* Instantly see how many results you'll have (no guess-and-check)

Guided Search

* Step through the process with as little as three clicks

* Instantly see how many results you'll have (no guess-and-check)

Search Near Me, a GPS-based search

Open Houses

Mortgage Search

* Find homes based on your financial availability

Newly-Listed Homes

* Keep up-to-date on your market and be the first to see new listings

Recently-Updates properties

* New Photos, Price Drops, Open House, etc

Local Tools

Local Neighborhoods

* Define your own Neighborhoods

Local Partners

* Tell your web visitors who the most trusted banks/inspectors/etc are in the area

Local Attractions

* Tell visitors why you love your local market, and why they should move there.

Your Office and Properties

* We report your office and property GPS/Addresses to Google (etc) for Local Search.

Content Management System


* Create static pages.

* How-To Articles


* Talk about the week's changes

* Other time-sensitive information, like new laws, loan programs, etc.


* Tell your visitors what all this web speak means by creating your own dictionary.

* We'll link the words throughout the site to definitions, like Wikipedia does.


* Your clients love you, now let them speak for you!

Content Snippets

* Ever put a property price into a blog post and then the price drops? Our CMS system for Articles and Blogs can dynamically input Property Information and/or Images into your posts, which auto-update when your listings do!

Registered Visitors


* Your visitors can register for accounts that work on both the mobile and desktop websites.

* Registered Visitors can save properties and searches

Facebook/Google/Twitter Login

* Make it easy

Registration Prompting

* After 4-5 minutes of being on the site, your visitors will be prompted to login or create an account.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

XML Sitemaps

* We send your website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo for you, automatically.

* We send both a generic sitemap with your content, and a listing sitemap with ALL of your listings, your office's listings, etc.

* Sitemaps update multiple times per day, and we tell Search Engines about these changes immediately.

Structure Data ("Rich Snippets" from Schema.org, etc)

* Google doesn't want Keywords anymore, it wants Structured Data.

* Each page on your site contains detailed Structured Data, including:

* Property Pages

* Address, GPS Coordinates, Maps

* Price and Availability

* Media (Images, Virtual Tour)

* Agent info

* Agent Pages (Similarly for Offices)

* Name, Title, Contact Information

* Google+ Profile for Authorship (See below)

* Profile Picture

* All Pages

* Your Business Information

* Your Business Contacts

* Google+ Authorship

* Connect your Google+ Profile to your profile and properties

* Search results will show your name alongside the result, increasing your chance of getting new web visitors

* Increase your name recognition in your market

RSS Property Feeds (Similar to XML Sitemaps)

Google Merchant Feeds

Facebook Open Graph

* All pages integrate Facebook's Open Graph code to give shared pages and properties extra information, such as;

* High Quality images

* Detailed Information right in the Shared Story on Facebook.com

* By-line that reads "By YOUR NAME" under the property that is shared, etc

Pinterest Web Code

* Similar to Facebook's Open Graph, Pinterest also has it's own framework, we support it fully.

Email Campaigns (Version 1, more features coming)

* Generate Return Traffic by sending valuable emails to your registered visitors.

* Twice A Month, or Monthly automated emails.

* Notify your visitors of new properties on the market

* Notify your visitors of changes to properties they have favorited

* Notify your visitors of similar properties to ones they have favorited

Admin Panel Tools

Monitor the success of your website with live statistics, such as:

* Number of Visitors

* Number of Property Views

* New Registered Visitors

* Number of Properties Favorited

* Number of "Contact Us/Me" forms submitted

View your Registered Visitors

* See their full information, such as name, email and phone number

* View their Favorited Properties

- Get Recommendations for this user, so you can call the with suggestions!

* View their Saved Searches

- Understand what they are looking for before you call!

Content System (CMS; Articles and Blogs)

* Manage your content with our easy WYSIWYG Editor

* Change titles, content, keywords, and even the author at any time

* Publish and Unpublish content -- Never delete again. Nothing is lost!

Manage Your Team (Teams/Offices/Brokerages Only)

* Update Agent information, social media contacts, pictures, and MLS ID's

* Create new offices, associated agents to these offices, and more

Manage Your Site (Admin Users only. Agents on an Agent Solution are Admins)

* Change your site colors, name, title, address, logos, icons, etc.

Company Intranet

* Manage a homepage for your Agents, containing:

- Company Calendars

- Office-Specific Calendars

- Daily Posts

- Important Business Information

- All updates made automatically email all Agents!

Help & Tutorials

* Have access to our Barcode Publicity Knowledge-base

* Get text and video-based help on how to use our system

* Marketing strategies

* Our partnered services, to help you grow (Such as Printing, Marketing and Graphic Design)

Mobile & Desktop Website Sync

All Features, Upgrades, and Releases are available on both mobile and desktop

Web Addresses (URLs) on Mobile also work on Desktop, with Auto Redirect (See below).

We automatically redirect mobile users to the mobile website, and vice versa

One change in the Admin Panel affects both sites and appear on your sites in minutes

Site Analytics and Marketing Help

Google Analytics

* Gain access to Page Views, Bounce Rate, and Landing Page statistics (and more!)

* Know how your marketing is doing

Property Statistics

* Tell your clients how many page views their property has received

* Run a report and send them a PDF weekly!

Marketing Help

* Have a question about advertising, or online marketing? We're here for you! Just ask!

Third-Party Integrations

YouTube & Vimeo Virtual Tour URLs

Use Tracking or Property Reporting tools? If they have an REST API, we can send data there.

Zopim Chat enables you/your team to live chat with visitors


Live Chat support during business hours, Monday through Friday

Live Chat and Email Support available 24/7, with a guaranteed 24 hour first response.

Most emails and support tickets are answered within 30 minutes, per our averages.

See our Client Testimonials to see what others think

Future Updates & Releases

No features, upgrades or releases cost an additional amount to acquire. For life. Third-Party Integrations excluded.